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Top 5 Media Conferences For 2018

Welcome to 2018

What media conferences should you attend this year?


As we begin the New Year, now is the time for journalists – young and seasoned – to ma put what conferences they might attend this year for professional development and networking opportunities.

While there are dozens, if not hundreds, or media conferences each year - some focusing on specific areas such as investigative journalism, science, digital journalism, etc. – one’s money can only go so far. So, where should you set your sights this year?

Here are my top five choices on journalism conferences that promise to give you the biggest bang for your networking buck in 2018:


# 1    International Journalism Festival

    11-15 April

    Perugia, Italy



The five-day festival in Perugia is one of the best, and biggest, in the world with 287 sessions and 693 speakers. Not only do thousands come from all over the world, but the list of speakers is mad impressive! An extra incentive to get to Perugia is that fact that the conference is free. That’s right – no registration fees. But hurry, Perugia is a small town and accommodations fill up fast!


#2    Investigative Reporters & Editors Conference

    14-17 June

    Orlando, Fl. (USA)



The IRE conference is always good. The best thing about the conference is the very practical tools and advice from a plethora of veteran and award-winning investigative reporters and editors. IRE is promising more than 150 panels this year in addition to special classes. Register before 14 May for the early bird price of $299. Important: You have to be an IRE member through July 1, 2018 to register.


#3    Global Editors Network (GEN) 2018

    30 May – 6 June

    Lisbon, Portugal



Lisbon. Period.

Seriously, GEN knows how to put on a conference and you are sure to leave with lots of new contacts and enthusiastic for your next media project. This year’s theme: “Towards an Augmented Newsroom”. While the conference is not cheap. it’s worth every penny!


#4    Excellence in Journalism Conference

    27-29 September

    Baltimore, Md. (U.S.A.)



The annual Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) conference gathers professionals and student journalists from all over the world. SPJ is the oldest media society in the United States, founded in 1909. This year’s conference should be even more significant with the ongoing verbal and physical attacks on journalists in the United States in recent years. Registration should open in the coming months, so bookmark the link above.


#5    International Symposium on Online Journalism

    13-14 April

    Austin, TX (U.S.A.)



The goal of this two-day conference is “to discuss the impact of the digital revolution on journalism.” In it’s 19th year, the conference is directed toward professional journalists, researchers and academics. Speakers so far include: Marty Baron, executive editor, The Washington Post; Meredith Artley, senior vice president and editor-in-chief, CNN Digital; and Jim Moroney, publisher of The Dallas Morning News and chief executive of the A. H. Belo Corp. Register before 1 March and pay $150, $100 if you are faculty and $50 if you are a student.


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