“Alison is not a veteran journalist only but also an experienced media professional who contributes to bridge gaps and mountains of misunderstanding between colleagues regardless of their languages, cultures, religions, countries and continents. But more importantly, she has been advocating press freedom and ethical values in an era of populism, nationalism and all other sorts of -isms ...”

- Professor Laeed Zaghlami, Algiers University3 (Algeria)

“As a journalism teacher, Alison is always approachable with a patient ear for all sorts of doubts. She has always encouraged me to ask questions, no matter how silly they seem. With a life full of experience, her passion for journalism is infectious and makes us want to achieve more than what we think we can. Strict about deadlines, but kind to all, Alison is a wonderful mentor who does everything to help her students elevate their stories to the highest journalistic standard possible.”

- Phalguni Rao, former student, IIJNM, current Mumbai journalist

"Ms Alison Bethel McKenzie is a matchless media expert who has vast experience in the media industry. I found her a dedicated, agile and efficient head of the International Press Institute (IPI) and now as press freedom advocate and trainer. Her core focus used to be on time management and finishing the task in line with laid down policies and procedures. She supported two RMNP annual Sadiq Press Freedom awards in 2015 and 2017. No doubt she is one of the leading torch bearers of press freedom in the world. I had an opportunity to work with Ms. Alison Bethel and I found her a pro-active, committed, and a hardworking media expert. She has always been very cooperative and helpful as a senior colleague. She can be an asset to any professional organization.”

- Ehsan Ahmed Sehar, president, Rural Media Network Pakistan - http://ruralmedianetworkpk.org/

“Alison conducted fantastic in-depth workshops on media ethics for us. The students loved her trainings.”

- Werner Eggert, Managing Director, Interlink Academy for International Dialog and Journalism (Germany) - https://interlink.academy/

“Too few of us pay attention to press freedom developments internationally. We can be glad that Alison Bethel McKenzie is one of them. She brings an enthusiasm for the subject matter buttressed by a rich background in journalism. That she is African American gives her even more of a nuanced perspective. She knows the players at home and abroad. She understands the issues. I'm proud to know Alison Bethel McKenzie and I hope everyone reading this will come to know why.”

- Richard Price, editor & publisher, Journal-isms - http://journal-isms.com/