About Me

I am a veteran journalist with nearly 35 years experience working with colleagues around the world, having conducted trainings for veteran and experienced reporters and editors in 18 countries. I am available for consultation and trainings wherever it is needed. I can also work with you to help lobby for your press freedom cause.

My Mission:

To help journalists around the world be the best that they can be, through training and mentorship and by fighting every day against their attackers – both in Parliament/Congress – and those who hide behind cloak and dagger.

My Values:

A commitment to integrity, honesty and hard work. A belief in God and family. A commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and embracing laughter. A belief in loyalty, professionalism and not taking oneself – or sometimes, others - too seriously. A believer in adventure and the belief that all men and women are created equal.

My Solution:

To pass on what I have learned for the betterment of the journalism profession through trainings (online and off), mentorship and project management.

My Dream:

To be able to live a sustainable lifestyle between the beach and the boulevard. To make a difference in the world - one person at a time - and to eat lots of good food while doing it.